"Am/Is" BE Verb Omission | Coarticulation FUNCTIONAL PHRASES

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by A-Ha! Speech Lab

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Subjects: speech,games,apraxia,articulation

Grades: 1,2

Description: "I -- tired." "He -- not hungry." Do these sound familiar? Omission of the BE verbs "am" and "is" so common, especially as a final consonant in contraction forms. Is it a grammatical error, a phonological final consonant deletion error, or BOTH? Using the motor speech approach, this competitive, high-trial game aims at training the learners' speech system to include these final consonants in coarticulation drills using FUNCTIONAL EXPRESSIONS. 【The Grid Game features】 - 6 "am/is" combos: "I'm +, I'm not +, She's +, He's +, It's +, It's not +" - 2 sets of 5 VOWEL initial expressions (ex. okay, awsome) - 4 sets of 5 CONSONANT initial expressions (ex. ready, gone, hungry) - 12 total game boards. Each set has 2 versions to avoid memorization. ◆ This deck is NOT meant to be a set of independent task cards. The activity should be played interactively with speech drills monitored for accuracy. ◆◆ Reproducing any part of this deck is prohibited ◆◆ Have FUN!