Calculate passage of time: add 10 mins

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by Hairy Mary

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Subjects: mathElementary,specialAdults,lifeSkills,adultSpeech,specialed

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Description: Measuring time: supporting individuals to calculate the passage of time. Adding 10 minutes to digital times. Australian Curriculum: MeT2 - Telling time: uses the appropriate time unit to describe the duration of events (uses minutes to describe time taken to clean teeth whereas uses hours to describe the duration of a long-distance car trip) Numeracy: Adding 10 to numbers, addition of 10 minutes without going beyond 60 minutes. Life skills: working out journey times, understanding bus timetables The person I created this program for is an adult who lives in supported accomodation. He wants to work on his travel skills so he can be more independent, for example, calculating how long it will take to walk to the bus stop, figure out when he will get off the bus or when he needs to book the flexibus in order to arrive at another appointment on time. He currently has Stage 1 numeracy skills and we have been working on counting on/counting back activities and applying this knowledge to real life tasks such as understanding bus timetables, using money and working out use-by dates.