Oh Snap! Articulation Game /R/

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by Speech Rocks

Price: 500 points or $5 USD

Subjects: speech

Grades: 2,3,4

Description: OH SNAP! is a 1-3 player game. Each card has a set of 3 target words for sound production practice 1. Word Level - Have the student say each word 3 times each 2. Sentence Level - Have the students say each word in a sentence 3. Structured Conversation Level - use the conversation game You can choose to keep score on paper or use the 'player score boxes' on the right side of the each card. Each player takes a turn dragging and dropping candy from 1 of the 6 cookie pan boxes into the oven (the cookies will disappear into the pan once it's dropped). Make sure the pan is dropped in the center of the oven, directly over the door, otherwise it will snap back to the original box! Under each cookie pan is a number OR a broken gingerbread man (OH SNAP!). If a player gets a number they can either enter their score in the 'player score box' or you can keep manual score. If the student gets the broken cookie, "Oh Sanp!' and they lose all of their points. If you choose to keep score in the 'player score boxes', make sure you record the score from the previous card before resuming game play on the next card. If you forget the score, you can always hit the back arrow to view the scores entered on the previous card. The student with the most points after 10 cards is the winner! COOKIE PAN BOXES ARE RANDOMIZED, SO YOU GET A NEW GAME EACH TIME YOU PLAY.