Articulation Cards - Voiced and Voiceless TH in ALL Positions

by SpeechyOwl

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Subjects: eslPronunciation,englishSecondLanguage,speech,articulation

Grades: 0

Description: It can be so hard to find card decks with multiple words for both voiced and voiceless "th" in ALL postions of words. Here is your solution! I included the max amount of cards allowed by Boom Learning so you can get the most repetitions and practice. The deck includes: - Initial voiced "th" - 11 cards - Medial voiced "th" - 18 cards - Final voiced "th" - 7 cards *** - Initial voiceless "th" - 25 cards - Medial voiceless "th" - 18 cards - Final voiceless "th" - 17 cards Great for in-person speech therapy and teletherapy!