Animal Vocabulary Identification #2

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by Rike Neville

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Subjects: ela,englishSecondLanguage,eslVocab,vocabAcquisitionAndUse

Grades: 10,11,12,15

Description: Perfect for ESL! I created this deck with adult students in mind, but there is nothing inappropriate for secondary-aged learners. This likely would NOT appeal to elementary-aged or younger learners. Students will look at an animal photo and then select the answer from a list of four terms. Need something easier? Animals: Identification 1: Students listen to a term and select from given images. No reading or writing involved. Need a more challenging version? Animals: Identification 3: Students type the correct term and can use the following as support: an audio icon to click on to hear the term and the randomized letters for each word. Animals: Identification 4: Students type the correct term for each image. No support is given. The animal terms used are: alpaca, armadillo, bat, bear, camel, cat, cheetah, chicken, chimpanzee, chipmunk, cows, coyote, crab, deer, dog, dolphin, donkey, duck, elephant, emu, ferret, flamingo, fox, frog, goat, goose, gorilla, hamster, hedgehog, hippo, horses, hummingbird, iguana, kangaroos, lion, llama, lobster, moose, mouse, octopus, ostrich, owl, panda, parrot, peacock, pelican, penguins, pig, polar bear, porcupine, quail, rabbit, raccoon, rattlesnake, sheep, skunk, snail, spider, squirrel, tiger, walrus, whale, wolf, zebra. All images are public domain sourced from Pixabay. The font for the word "animals" is SimplyStated.