Am I the Problem?

by Allison DePalma, MA, BCBA

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Subjects: sel,socialAwareness,relationshipSkills,specialAba,communicationSkills,Special Autism

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Description: This deck provides the individual with multiple opportunities to assess different social situations. The individual should have an open discussion with the teacher on whether they believe the provided scenario was problematic or not. They should consider... - Did the response match the magnitude of the problem? - Did the response help communicate to the other person what was wrong? - Could both parties involved come to a solution? If it is determined the situation provided was problematic, the individual and teacher should discuss what the individual should do instead if the same issue arises. The goal is for the individual to better understand what replacement behaviors they can utilize in difficult situations, such as... - Using "I" statements to communicate frustration - Requests for escape to better notify others that a break is needed - Having sensory tools on hand to help navigate difficult thoughts and feelings Some material is pulled from the PEERS curriculum. For further discussion around handling disagreements, refer to the following citation: Laugeson, Elizabeth A, "PEERS for Young Adults", Social Skills Training for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Other Social Challenges, 2017, pp. 362-394