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by Science Is Booming

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Subjects: science

Grades: 8,9,10,11,12

Description: **This deck is part of my GROWING Physical/ Earth Science Bundle available for a BIG discount** This set features 20 high quality and highly interactive digital task cards. Each card is multi-step and encourages students to interact with the material in a way like never before! These unique Boom Learning cards are a sure fire way to drive home types of volcanos, formations, plate activity, associated vocabulary, examples, and more! Studying the amazing way in which our planet moves and grooves has never been this interactive and fun! This set covers: -Types of Volcanoes -Anatomy of a Volcano -Types of Lava -Volcanic Formation -Eruption Types -Plates and Boundaries -Volcanic Land Formations -Rock Formation Types -Layers of Earth -Dormant vs. Extinct vs. Active -Hot Spots and Island Formation -Calderas, Geysers, Hot Springs, Batholiths, etc. -and more! ****PLEASE EMAIL ME: CREATIVECULTUREBOOM@GMAIL.COM IF YOU WOULD LIKE ACCESS TO THE ANSWER KEYS FOR THIS BUNDLE. I provide answer keys through my TpT bundles and don't want you to miss out!!!*****