Roman Numerals

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by Puzzles for Education

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Subjects: math,specialed,mathMiddleSchool,lifeSkills

Grades: 6,7,8

Description: Looking for a way to teach Roman Numerals to your middle school students? This 29 card deck is perfect and packed full of questions, puzzles & matching activities to engage and challenge your students. Please note that this deck is not randomized, as the questions/activities become more challenging as they work their way through. However, on the more challenging questions, they are given the opportunity to revisit a breakdown of the numbers which will help them, should they need it. The first 2 slides introduce the concepts, followed by an instruction slide for the quiz; it is important that students read these instructions carefully. The quiz is comprised of the following questions/puzzles/activities: Open response (to be marked by the teacher) Multiple-choice Fill in the blank True/False Number Fit puzzle Drag & Drop Match Drag & Drop sort into descending order Drag & Drop sort into ascending order Crossword Puzzle Challenge This deck is also suitable for older students with special learning needs. Please consider leaving feedback for others, once you have used this deck with your learners, it would be appreciated, many thanks.