Jonah and the whale lowercase/ uppercase alphabet sort.

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by The Torah Gameroom

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Subjects: games,religion,reading,foundationalSkills,fineMotorSkills,visualPerception

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: Help your students review uppercase and lower case letters of the alphabet with this adorable bible story. The slides are randomised so they can play again and again. These digital cards are self-grading, interactive and NO PREP. Each letter has a picture clue to help your students remember the sound the letter makes. An alphabet gif spins on an uppercase letter and the student selects the correct corresponding lowercase letter. They will drag and drop the correct letter inside the whales stomach to free Jonah. The game is reversed and a lowercase spinner is used and corresponding uppercase letters need to be selected. This deck also helps differentiate similar letters n, m and u, n . If the wrong answer is chosen the whales spits the letter out. - BOOM CARDS CAN BE USED TO COLLECT DATA AND ASSESMENT OR AS INSIGHT INTO STUDENTS PROGRESS. - NO PREP, -SEND HOME AS EXTENSION WORK OR HOMEWORK. - SELF CORRECTING. - PLAY INDIVIDUALLY ON ANY DEVICE, COMPUTER, TABLET. - USE AS A WHOLE CLASS ACTIVITY ON SMARTBOARD OR USE WHITEBOARD AND PROJECTOR. - USE IN REMOTE TEACHING. -EMBRACE TECHNOLOGY IN A FUN WAY GAINING COMPUTER WHILE LEARNING ABOUT CHARACTERS IN THE TORAH/BIBLE. -GREAT FOR HAND EYE COORDINATION. - GREAT FOR HOME USE.