Everything Time Game: Analogue & Digital Clocks, Elapsed Time & More!

by Dr. SillyPants Classroom Resources

Price: 400 points or $4 USD

Subjects: math,mathElementary,counting,additionAndSubtraction,placeValue,time

Grades: 3,4,5,6

Description: Time keeps on ticking! Students will have a blast learning about How to Tell Time & Elapsed Time with this Ultimate Time Boom Card Game! Perfect for Distance Learning. (Primary/Junior Grades). 30 questions where students are presented with either an analogue or digital clock and they will have to determine the correct time or Elapsed Time (Minute Increments, 5 minutes Increments, Halves/Quarters, Hours). Devices that are compatible with this digital resource include Chromebooks, iPads and personal computers. This resource works with Google Classroom and other virtual classroom formats. This digital resource is perfect as a culminating activity after completing Measurement: (Time) Math Strand. Also great for students that are early finishers, bell work, or as part of learning centres.