"+" Doubles +1, -1 w/Moveable Counters - ARCTIC Beginner Addition

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by Kanuck Edventures

Price: 350 points or $3.5 USD

Subjects: math,specialed,language

Grades: 13,1,2,3,4

Description: *This deck is also available in a discounted BUNDLE* "+" Doubles +1, -1 (#s 0-10) w/ Arctic Hare, Beluga Whale, Narwhal, Orca, Polar Bear, Puffin, Reindeer, Snowy Owl, Walrus Example of Doubles +1, -1 Addition Facts 5 + 6 = double 5 (10) + 1 6 + 5 = double 6 (12) - 1 On this Kanuck Edventure, fun will be had adding moveable ‘mini icebergs’ to help build beginner addition skills. Each math sentence includes a pictorial representation. Addends can be moved to the empty area following the equal sign, to represent the sum, before submitting answers. The order of the cards changes with each play, for repeated enjoyment! 😊 Thanks for stopping by & happy edventuring! 😊 Uses: *differentiate curriculum: interactive, hands-on, draggable manipulatives, 1-1 correspondence, independent *anywhere: classroom, home, tutoring, travelling *any reason: fun, learning, review, enrichment, extra help/support, repetition, skill building *alternate approaches: digital, distance, home-based, homeschool, remote, e-learning *language neutral: French, English, Spanish, Immersion, ESL, etc.