Counting to 100 by 1's Valentines Day Themed Boom Cards

by The Creative Critter

Price: 300 points or $3 USD

Subjects: math,mathElementary,countingAndCardinality,counting

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: Get ready to take your child's counting skills to the next level with this exciting February Valentine's Day themed deck. Designed to make learning fun and interactive, this deck focuses on counting to 100 by 1's from any given number. With the self-checking feature, your child can independently practice and reinforce their counting skills. No more worrying about incorrect answers or missed opportunities for learning. Each card is carefully crafted to provide immediate feedback, ensuring your child's progress is on the right track. The February Valentine's Day theme adds an extra layer of excitement and engagement to the learning experience. Watch as your child eagerly explores the beautifully illustrated cards, filled with adorable Valentine's Day characters and vibrant colors. They'll be captivated by the love-filled atmosphere while mastering their counting skills. Whether your child is a beginner or needs extra practice, these Kindergarten Math Boom Cards are designed to meet their individual needs. The deck starts with basic counting and gradually progresses to more challenging exercises, allowing your child to build a strong foundation in counting to 100. Get ready to make counting to 100 a breeze with our self-checking, February Valentine's Day themed deck!