Odd or Even Beach Adventure

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by Marian Modules

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Subjects: holiday,seasonSummer,mathElementary

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: Dive into our fun and educational "Odd or Even Beach Theme" deck on Boom! Learning! This interactive deck is designed to help young learners practice counting and identifying odd and even numbers in an engaging beach-themed environment. Features: Interactive Cards: Each card features vibrant beach items or displayed numbers for children to count or recognize. Odd or Even Challenge: Kids will determine whether the number of items or the displayed number is odd or even and select the correct option. Engaging Theme: The beach theme keeps children engaged and makes learning fun. Skill Development: This deck enhances counting skills, number recognition, and understanding of odd and even numbers. Perfect for pre-elementary learners, this deck offers a fun way to build foundational math skills while enjoying a virtual day at the beach. Start exploring and learning today!