Write a Mystery Box Story: Spring |Narrative Based Therapy

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by Target Every Goal Speech Therapy

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Subjects: speech,firstDayOfSpring,expressiveLanguage,speechFluency,articulation,communicationSkills

Grades: 1,2,3,4,5

Description: Write a Mystery Box Story: Spring is a fun variation of common roll-a-story games. Use in speech therapy to provide a meaningful context perfect for working on language, narratives, and carryover of articulation and fluency skills! In this resource, students will be tasked with creating an original story given spring-themed prompts for the characters, setting, and problem. But instead of rolling a die to choose the elements, students will reveal them from underneath different-colored mystery boxes. Since students will be creating the words/text for their own stories, this activity is completely open-ended in terms of working on goal targets. Model and incorporate skills in the areas of vocabulary, syntax, grammar, articulation, fluency, or narrative structure itself as you guide students in creating and telling their stories. Includes visual supports throughout! The deck includes the following activities: 1.) Pick Your Mystery Boxes 2.) Story Planning* 3.) Create Your Mystery Story 4.) Oral Retell with Story Pieces 5.) Final Story Product-- Write it Out* 6.) Peer Questions*- students write comprehension questions for sharing stories w/other groups PLUS: Free download for separate EDUCATOR RESOURCES deck with lesson plans and Supplementary Materials in Google Slides (TM). Download FREE here: https://wow.boomlearning.com/store/bundle/vYzPAfmtSA8uLKxoA?ref=self *Generic templates available as Google Slides(TM) in Free Educator Resources file so you can save your work!