Valentine's Day Rhyming Words

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by Big Ideas For Little Hands

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Subjects: phonologicalAwareness

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: This fun Valentine's Day Rhyming Words Digital Game will help your students practice rhyme recognition! In this download, you will find 40 different BOOM cards. Great activities for February word work centers and stations! Each card will have two pictures. Students will say each picture to determine if they rhyme or do not rhyme then click on the check or X to answer the task card. Boom cards are... -self correcting -engaging -fun and interactive -paperless -easy to prep -can be used on a tablet, iPad or interactive whiteboard -can be accessed by website or an app Standards that this deck includes are: CCSS RF.K.2d CCSS RK.K.3 CCSS RK.K.3a