5th Grade Convert Units of Measure: Customary Units of Weight 5.MD.1

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by Math Mom Repeat

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Subjects: math,mathElementary,mathMiddleSchool,measurementAndData,measurement,conversions

Grades: 5,6

Description: Trying to find a fun and exciting way to practice customary units of weight? This is it! This Boom Card Deck on 5.MD.1 contains 21 cards on converting between tons, pounds, and ounces. This activity contains: - 1 cheat sheet with the conversion measurements listed. -3 solving with tables problems -11 simple conversion problems (involving two rules: smaller units to larger units and larger units to smaller units) -2 pages finding each baby's weight (pounds to ounces and ounces to pounds) -Convert elephant's weight from tons to ounces (2-step problem)