19 - Le Futur Proche | The Near Future in French

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by La Petite Prof

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Subjects: instructionalFrench,instructionalFrenchCanadian

Grades: 4,5,6,9

Description: Your students will love learning the futur proche in French with this engaging deck! Students start out by learning the construction of the futur proche in French. After the lesson, students practice the concept. First, students decide if a sentence is written in the present tense or the futur proche. Next, students label the present tense of aller and the infinitive in a sentence. Then students choose the correct word to complete a sentence (conjugated verb or infinitive). Finally, students drag and drop words to create the French translation of an English sentence. This deck meets the following standards for French learners: ONTARIO CORE FRENCH (Grades 4-6) A1.1 Using Listening Comprehension Strategies: identify a range of listening comprehension strategies and use them appropriately before, during, and after listening to understand oral French texts D1.2 Writing in a Variety of Forms: write a variety of age- and grade-appropriate French texts, applying their knowledge of the basic structural and stylistic elements of each form D2.3 Producing Finished Work: make improvements to their written work, using knowledge of a few of the conventions of written French ACTFL Performance Descriptors for Language Learners | Interpersonal Vocabulary – Novice Range Able to understand and produce a number of high frequency words, highly practiced expressions, and formulaic questions. NEXT GENERATION SUNSHINE STATE STANDARDS (Florida) (Reading) WL.K12.NM.2.4 - Recognize words and p