Build a Trick or Treater - L Sounds and L Blends - Speech Therapy Activity

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by Pear Tree Speech

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Subjects: articulation,phonology,speech,holiday,halloween,apraxia

Grades: 0

Description: Boost your students' learning experience with this interactive Build a Trick or Treater Boom Card deck for speech therapy. Perfect for practicing L and L Blends, this digital resource targets L sounds in all positions within monosyllabic and multisyllabic words, as well as L blends (BL, GL, PL, FL, and KL). As students build their own Trick or Treaters, they'll have fun while working on their speech sounds in a Halloween-themed activity. With a blank page included, you can customize the activity to fit your students' individual needs and goals. Make this Build a Trick or Treater Boom Card deck a valuable addition to your speech therapy resources.