Summer Math Review of 6th Grade

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by Sheila Cantonwine

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Subjects: math

Grades: 6

Description: These 50 task cards cover all the of common core topics for 6th grade math. They would be great for end of year or summer math review. This deck features: * 10 teal cards for Ratios and Proportional Relationships * 10 yellow cards for Number System * 10 blue cards for Expressions and Equations * 10 pink cards for Geometry * 10 orange cards for Statistics and Probability Each card has the common core standard listed in the title so it’s easy to see which topics students might need more practice with. Questions are fill in the blank and multiple choice. For some of the questions, students may need to work out the problems on a separate sheet of paper. These cards are aligned to the common core topics for 6th grade math.