Build a Train

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by Speechie Adventures

Price: 200 points or $2 USD

Subjects: speech

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: This no prep Build a Train activity is an engaging way to target a variety of language skills or reinforcement with your preschoolers, early elementary students, and AAC users. This no-prep train resource pairs perfectly with your transportation themed therapy sessions! Product Includes: 1. Vocabulary Card - Use this to review all of the elements included (e.g. train, smoke, tracks, train car, etc.) 2. Identification Task - 10 cards - Choose an answer from a field of 3 (e.g. Find the stop sign.) 3. Build a Train - Different patterned and colored engine cars - Variety of train cars - Variety of extras (e.g. smoke, traffic light, railroad sign, stop sign, train tracks) - 2 sentence strips included (e.g. "I want ___," "Put it on") - Describing visual (e.g. color, striped, spotted) - Prepositions visual (e.g. on, under, in, etc.) 4. BONUS Interactive Scenes - 2 scenes with outdoor backgrounds - Variety of objects to add to the scene (e.g. trains, train tracks, stop sign, railroad sign, traffic lights, smoke)