Long O Vowel Sound | -OW, -OA & O_E

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by Pint Size Learners

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 13,1

Description: Use this 27 card Boom deck to help your students learn and master the long O vowel sound when reading words with the OA, OW and O consonant E vowel combinations. These vowel spellings can cause confusion and frustration with early readers, so give them lots of practice and expose them to a lot of words using these long O vowel combination activities. Your students will be reading and spelling Long O words in no time! Long O Vowel Activities include: • A card for each combination explaining where the sound occurs in the word and the letters used to spell it. • Drag the letters to spell the long O word • Select the pictures with the long O spelling • Reading Comprehension • Sorting words by spellings Help them to become confident and comfortable with these challenging spelling patterns so that they feel more confident as readers. All directions are supported with sound. Perfect for a technology center, classroom iPad use, home schooling or distance learning.