TUTORIAL for Christmas Surprise

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by PlayLearnTalk

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Subjects: ela,ot,speech,specialed

Grades: 15

Description: This is the TUTORIAL for those who already own Christmas Surprise. Purchase the game here if you need: https://tinyurl.com/Christmas-Surprise-Game This activity includes three mystery pictures! This Boom Card deck is intended to be used during tele therapy/virtual learning as an in-session activity with an instructor. Students decide on one picture at a time to find the present that is "ready" to go into Santa's toy bag. As each present is collected, a mystery picture is revealed. You can use this activity on its own or pair it with any task or drill-based activity. Every time a task is completed, allow your students the chance to select a present to see if it is the right one. There is a built-in describing tool to help your students practice describing skills. Have them tell you which present they want (based on its attributes). This activity presents the opportunity to target words like: yes/no, want, big, small, tall, short, go, in, color vocab, pattern vocab, and more! There is an optional timer in Santa's hands that you can use with students as a time constraint while they attempt to find the right present. This timer is continually going so you will have to use your own judgement as to when to use it. There is a semi-transparent draggable circle covering up the timer that you can remove once the timer gets to the number you want. Questions? email me: puhtuhkuhkelly@gmail.com