Ugly Christmas Sweater Language Speech Therapy

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by Sparklle SLP

Price: 375 points or $3.75 USD

Subjects: speech

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: This language Boom Cards™️ deck designed for quick drill practice with a Christmas theme. There is an imposter sweater among us! Can you find it while practicing your target vocabulary and grammar skills? Perfect for teletherapy or home practice, too! ⭐ The deck includes targets for the following skills: regular verbs (actions), irregular verbs (actions), opposites (2 cards), synonyms (2 cards), associations (2 cards), describing vocabulary (5 cards), irregular plurals, regular plurals, WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY & HOW questions, categories (2 cards), multiple meaning words (2 cards), comparisons (2 cards), conversation topics, and a picture scene for vocabulary and concepts. ⭐ There are 30 cards and 1 landing/home page for language target selection. Each card has 10 target pictures/words. Students are to practice the target skill and slide/drag a sweater to cover over the target picture/word(s). Once moved, the sweater will reveal if it is the imposter sweater (vest)!