Primer Sight Word Practice Set 2 {they, but, at, with, all}

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by Teaching With Love and Laughter

Price: 300 points or $3 USD

Subjects: ela

Grades: 13,1

Description: These 26 Primer Sight Words task cards will help students learn and practice the following 5 words in a fun and engaging way: they, but, at, with, all. For each sight word, there are 4 activities that highlight one sight word at a time. This will give students quality time to engage with each word. All the cards include audio directions so students will always know how to complete the activity. Here are the activities included for each individual word: 1. Break the code 2. Build the words 3. Find the correctly spelled words 4. Sort vowels and consonants There are also 6 different activities where students practice all 5 sight words at the same time. Again, there are audio directions for each card. Here are the activities included for practicing all the words at the same time: 1. Find the hidden words 2. Sort the words 3. Word search 4. Sentence fill in (includes audio for sentences) 5. Graph the words 6. Sight word test *I only included 5 words at a time, to give students the opportunity to master these words before moving on to the next 5 words. You can purchase just the sets you need (there are 10 of them) or you can purchase all 10 sets in a MONEY-SAVING BUNDLE!