Compound Words & Phonological Awareness Set 2

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by rickiblock

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Subjects: speech,phonology

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: How to Use this Set - THIS IS A FREEBIE! There are 6 compound words in this freebie (2 syllable and 3 syllable words with 5 activities for each word.  Click on the picture to check your answers For the 5 questions, move the answer card to reveal the answer.  Place a picture in the box on the left side to see how many you got correct. 1. Segmentation - What are the 2 small words in each     compound word 2. Think of 1 word that rhymes with ________ 3. Word deletion of first word, e.g. say fishbowl without fish 4. Word deletion of second word, e.g. say fishbowl with      bowl 5.  How many syllables