Halloween Theme: Answering Wh- Questions (Recalling Details and Comprehension)

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by Cloud Learners

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Subjects: ela,speech

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: Wh- Questions regarding Halloween Themed 1-sentence story! In this deck, teach your students on how to respond to What, Who Where, When, Why and What Happened questions regarding sentence stories! This deck consists of a picture and 3 question prompt for each story, and 3 response choice pictures. This deck consists of 10 1-sentence stories and has 58 slides! Target also the following goals: -Increasing MLU -Recalling Details -Predicting a Story -Sequencing Task Watch out for our 2- and 3-sentence stories for Wh- questions soon! (c) All images are originally created by Scout Learners If you have any requested decks/goals that you want us to make, please email us at scoutlearnersph@gmail.com and we'll try to make it for you!