CH Articulation Carryover: Which Would You Do? Questions

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by Target Every Goal Speech Therapy

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Subjects: speech,articulation,phonology,communicationSkills,seasonSummer

Grades: 0

Description: An interactive deck of conversation questions designed to target carryover of the CH sound in all positions in spontaneous speech. Perfect for students who have already mastered their sounds up to the sentence level, but need extra practice for generalization! Also works great for a quick warm-up activity before therapy or as a wrap-up for the last few minutes of a session. Contains 40 "Which Would You Do...? questions loaded with the target sound (eg. "Which would you do: get a pet chick or a pet cheetah?"). Students click on a picture representing their answer to circle it and then explain their choice using their best speech sounds. Contains 10 cards/questions for each positon+10 mixed Cards 2-11-- Initial /ch/ Cards 12-21-- Medial /ch/ Cards 22-31-- Final /ch/ Cards 32-41-- Mixed positions /ch/ Also features an optional visual support for accuracy tracking on each question card-- click the sound icons once for correct (turns into a checkmark) or twice for incorrect (turns into an X). Works perfectly as a way for the clinician to provide instant feedback about the student's productions or as a tool for students to engage in their own self monitoring!