St. Patrick's Day Tempo Puzzle Reveal RCM1

by 88keys4music

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Subjects: music,musicElementarySkills,musicGuitar,musicPiano,musicOrchestra,musicChoir,musicBand

Grades: 0

Description: This puzzle deck challenges students to master basic tempo vocabulary. Terms and definitions are introduced by several drag and drop activities, then students use what they have learned to complete a puzzle reveal. Questions include drag and drop and multiple choice. When the puzzle is complete students have a bonus riddle and an "I-Spy" activity to finish the game! This deck covers tempo terms used for Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) Preparatory B and Level 1 Theory. (This is a supplement to RCM studies, and not a product of RCM.) Also correlates well with Piano Safari Level 1 and Piano Adventures Level 3. Great for in-person and online piano lessons, theory lessons, piano lab, device-based learning, home-schooling, and take-home assignments.