Alphabet Match Lowercase Beginning Picture Sounds Visual Perception

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by RoJM Teaching Resources

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Subjects: phonics,specialed,visualPerception

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: There are 26 alphabet cards in the deck. In this multiple-choice game, the student/player will see three 2 x 4 grids. Grids 1 and 2 contain lowercase letters, and the last grid contains pictures. The player should tap or click one lowercase letter in grid 1 and a matching lowercase letter in grid 2 . Next, tap/click the picture that begins with the initial sound of the letters. You should click/tap the ‘Submit’ button to give your answers. Feedback is instant. If the answers are correct, you will hear a bell sound and see a green circle(s). The deck will advance to the next card if the answers are correct. If incorrect, the player will hear a ‘whoops’ sound and see a red circle(s). You can try as many times as you like to select the correct matching letters and picture representing the initial letter sound. The cards are randomized. Each time the game is played the cards will be in a different order. Also, the letters and pictures will be in a different position each time the game is played. Learning Objectives: - Lowercase letters recognition - Able to match the same lowercase letters - Enhance visual perception skills Hope you enjoy this game.:)