6 Step Sequencing Task - ADLs, IADLs - Adult Speech Therapy

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by The Function Well

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Subjects: speech,adultSpeech,cognition,cognitionSequencing,cognitionExecutiveFunctioning,ot,lifeSkills

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Description: This activity is designed to target ADLs, IADLs, memory, expressive language and sequencing skills in adults and teens. The ability to sequence daily tasks is a functional life skill, which can improve independence across a variety of settings. To complete this activity, drag and drop the written steps on the left to the correct place, in the sequence, on the right. 6 STEP SEQUENCES: Washing Hands, Doing Laundry, Making a Bowl of Cereal, Making a Bowl of Ice Cream, Making a Pizza, Using a Pill Organizer, Taking Medication, Sitting Down at a Table, Taking a Shower, Toileting, Cleaning the House, Grocery Shopping, Microwaving a Frozen Meal, Sit to Stand with a Walker, Composing an Email, Using a Dishwasher, Making Tea, Shampooing Hair, Washing Face, Walking a Dog This task is appropriate for the following environments: skilled nursing (SNF), hospital, home health, schools