A Robot Who-Dunnit Mystery

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by Feels Like a Game

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Subjects: keyIdeasInferences,textEvidence,textTypesAndPurposes,games,computationalThinking,digitalLiteracy

Grades: 3,4,5,6,7

Description: In this who-dunnit mystery, you must help Detective Bot solve the case of who changed the ship Star Explorer's destination. It's up to you to listen to witnesses, search the ship for clues, explore suspect profiles, and make your case to determine a culprit! In this EPIC who-dunnit escape room activity, students need to: -make inferences -examine characteristics -make a claim with clear reasoning and evidence -and so much more! 4 suspects, 6 rooms, and 4 witnesses- there is so much for students to explore! This deck is an excellent way to introduce or practice argumentative writing, citing evidence, making inferences, and more! *please note: the 4 card preview for this deck won't make much sense because these cards don't move in a linear order! Be sure to check out the bundle for this BoomDeck with additional resources.