Virtual Physical-Education Exercise Board

by Dr. SillyPants Classroom Resources

Price: 250 points or $2.5 USD

Subjects: healthManagement,mentalHealth,playSkills,grossMotorSkills,healthPhysEd

Grades: 0

Description: Get Students up and Doing Some Exercise! Perfect for Distance Learning! With this Body Movement Exercise Board, students will get up out of their seats to do exercise that is super fun! This Boom Card Activity. Perfect for Primary, Junior & Intermediate Grades 21 Imaginative body movements that are so super fun that they won’t even know that they are doing exercise. All Exercises require minimal space. Use the Exercise Board for: Virtual Gym Class, Daily Physical Activity or Body Breaks! Imaginative Exercises Include: -Pretend Jumping on the Bed -Frog Jump -Rock Wall Climber -Airplane -Swimming from a Shark -Dance -Imaginary Jump Rope -Imaginary Hula-Hoop -Elephant -Samurai -Juggles the Clown -Jackhammer -Gorilla -Jumping Jacks -Heel Ups -Marching -1 Foot Balance -Squats -Body Twists -Toe Touches -Desk Push-Ups (Instructions for all Exercises are Provided) Devices that are compatible with this digital resource include Chromebooks, iPads and personal computers. This resource works with Google Classroom and other virtual classroom formats.