Memory Match Game | Christmas Edition

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by Lianne Sam

Price: 175 points or $1.75 USD

Subjects: ot,sel,speech,specialed

Grades: 1,2,3,4,5

Description: This deck is intended to be played by 2 or more players (or teams). Each team will take turns in selecting 2 cards per turn to reveal a match. If it is a match, the team will collect the pair and put it above their team's character and they will take another turn. If it is a mismatch, return the numbered cards to the playing field then it will be theĀ opposing team's turn. The team who collects more matches per playing field wins. *Numbered cards may not return to its original places just drag it back to the playing field to cover other items. There are 4 levels to choose from: 1) Practice (contains 4 cards per slide) 2) Easy (contains 6 cards per slide) 3) Moderate (contains 8 cards per slide) 4) Difficult (contains 12 cards per slide)