Spell My Name HASSAN

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by Lisa Goodell

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: Click on "Full-Sized Preview" to get sound during the playable preview. This resource has six activities to help a child learn to spell the name in the title of this deck. (You cannot change the name.) The first three activities have the child’s name at the top so they can refer to it if needed. The next three activities do NOT have the child’s name at the top. 1. Click on the name everywhere it appears in a group of names. (Capital/lowercase letters) 2. Drag the letters in the name to arrange them in the correct order. (All capitals) 3. Practice typing his/her name 4 times. (Capital/lowercase letters) 4. Identify the name in a larger group of names. (Capital/lowercase letters) 5. Drag letters into the correct order again, except there are extra letters that won’t be used. (All capitals) 6. Practice typing the name even more times. (Capital/lowercase letters.) NOTE: You cannot change the name in this deck. Please see my Boom store for "Spell My Name" decks with other names. NOTE: I am not making games with custom names anymore. Background photos are different on each page and should appeal to both boys and girls.