Functional Time

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by Accessible by Design

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Subjects: math,specialed

Grades: 13,1,2,3,4

Description: 12 Cards feature an event and asks students to identify if the event occurs in the AM or PM. (i.e. Carissa puts her makeup on at 6:00 in the morning; Steven goes to bed at 9:00 in the evening). 12 Cards feature a word problem that asks students to pick the earliest or latest time something can occur from a field of three choices. (i.e. Bianca needs to call Mia. What is the earliest time Bianca can call Mia?; George needs to put on clean clothes. What is the latest time George can put on clean clothes). 20 Cards feature an image of an analog clock. Students are required determine what the time is from a field of 3 choices. This resource is intended to be used digitally by students whether they are in the classroom or in their home environment. This resource is self-grading and allows you to track student progress automatically.