Let's Learn English! Spanish to English Sight Words2 w/AUDIO

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by AR Tech Star

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Subjects: ela,sightWords,foundationalSkills,englishSecondLanguage,instructionalEnglish,eslVocab,eslPronunciation

Grades: 13,1,2,3,4

Description: Are you looking for a resource to help your Spanish speaking students learn basic sight words in English?  Then this deck of 32 Boom Cards is for you! This deck was created to help our ELL students with common English sight words.  These words are taken from the Phonics First Layer Two Red Word List. Each card has spellings in both English and Spanish along with an audio clip of the English pronunciation.  Students will listen to the English version of the word then click the next button at the bottom to fo go the next card.  This deck is for teaching purposes only - there are no right or wrong answers. This deck has AUDIO - just click on the speaker icon and the English word will be read aloud. Words included in this deck are: about, again, all, any, as, been, done, even, every, give, goes, gone, her, here, look, live, many, one, or, our, own, say, says, some, their, there, very, watch, where, which, why, your