Community Signs 1 - Match Picture to Word

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by Huetopia Designs

Price: 180 points or $1.8 USD

Subjects: socialstudies,cultureAndSociety,specialed,ela,vocabAcquisitionAndUse,lifeSkills,specialAdults

Grades: 0

Description: We all want to help our students succeed in and out of the classroom…. Learning about the world around them is such an important life skill. Your students will be engaged in learning community signs by matching the correct picture to the provided word! Includes audio—first card is auto-played and on subsequent cards, student can click on speaker to hear the instructions and community sign word. Each card has 3 community sign pictures and student clicks on the sign that matches the given word. This set was intentionally designed to be large on small screens and for those students with sight impairments. Appropriate design for all ages. Sample IEP Goal: Student will learn 15 new community signs, by matching signs with pictures, with 80% accuracy, in 4 out of 5 opportunities by [date].