R Blends Cluster Reduction Minimal Pair Counters

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by Adventures in Speech Pathology

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Subjects: speech,specialed

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: Do you struggle to obtain 100 practice trials in minimal pairs therapy and have students who benefit from a challenge to hit a certain number of practice trials? Would you like to encourage more practice in your minimal pairs therapy that doesn’t bore your students? AIM: To say 100 practice trials by using a minimal pairs approach in speech therapy. METHOD: Point to (auditory discrimination) or say the minimal pair target words. For each set of five practices, drag a tally counter across the screen. Say between 5-30 practices PER target sound. Motivating for students who like to achieve their goals. Targeting the following sound patterns: ✅ BR-B minimal pairs cards (8 pair set) ✅ CR-C minimal pairs cards (8 pair set) ✅ DR-D minimal pairs cards (8 pair set) ✅ FR-F minimal pairs cards (8 pair set) ✅ GR-G minimal pairs cards (8 pair set) ✅ TR-T minimal pairs cards (8 pair set) HOW CAN I REACH 100 TRIALS? Use the following equation to figure out how many practice trials are needed: * Say 4 word pairs x 25 each = 100 trials * Say 5 word pairs x 20 each = 100 trials * Say 8 word pairs x 10 each = 80 trials