Who/What Questions: Identifying and Labeling Animated Chore Verbs (GIFS)

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by SpeechRUS

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Subjects: ela,speech,specialed

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: Students are presented with animated everyday chore verb images (GIFs). Students are asked the WH question "who is ___" and given 2 visual choices. For example, "who is dusting" and provided with an animated image of a boy dusting and a girl sweeping the floor. After, students are asked "what is the girl/boy doing" and given given 2 visual choices (e.g. putting out trash/washing dishes). This helps students both identify and labeling everyday verbs. The verbs included in the activity are listed below. The following Everyday Chore Verbs are in this activity: - Sweeping - Vacuuming - Washing windows - Mixing - Feeding the dog - Putting out the garbage - Dusting - Washing the dishes - Making the bed - Ironing Some of the following IEP goals can be targeted during the activity:- - Pronouns (e.g. can ask students if the picture is a he or a she) - Identifying and Labeling Verbs - Wh Questions (activity has who and what questions- students ca be asked where questions such as "where is the girl reading" or where is the girl brushing her teeth).