Fo3: Farm Animal Identification/Prepositions

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by MsD33

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Subjects: speech

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: What all did Old McDonald have on his farm? IF you like this resource, copy a link below to view it in a BUNDLE and save $1.50! A.) Fo2, Fo3, Fo4: Farm Animal Identification/Prepositions OR B.) Fo3: Animal Identification - Farm, Zoo, Pets/Colors/ Prepositions Build upon your expressive language involving locative terms: in front on on top in next to/beside above between under out Build upon your receptive language skills surrounding items within the farm animals category from a field of 3 discrimination (Fo3)! Visual exposure to the following: llama cow bunny/rabbit toad pig donkey turtle cat barn owl horse snake fish bull kitten mouse rat goose sheep duck goat mule dove chicks hen/chicken rooster puppies frog turkey dog bat Happy practicing :)