Copy the Pattern! CAPITAL LETTERS!

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by Elite Tots

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Subjects: ot

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: This deck provides LOTS of opportunities for language! If working with a partner or adult, students can describe the LETTERS ("pink capital A",  "green capital R", "purple capital G upside down" etc.) Describe positions:  "top left", "middle right", "bottom left" etc. Letter sounds: "what does the letter "G" say?" Cards 3-17: 3 Capital Letters in Vertical, Horizontal, or Diagonal Positions! Cards 18-22: 4 Capital Letters in Random Positions and Turned in Different Directions.! Cards 23-32: 5 Capital Letters in Random Positions and Turned in Different Directions Cards 33-34: MAKE YOUR OWN PATTERN! Bonus Cards!