Which Food Prep Vocab? Set 1

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by Adulting Made Easy (spedadulting)

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Grades: 0

Description: Students will practice identifying common vocabulary seen on a recipe or while cooking in the kitchen when given the definition and visual answer field of 3 choices. Includes audio so students can hear the definition read out loud. This is Set 1 of 2 Both sets include words with visuals for: chop, peel, slice, dice, mince, knead, grill, sprinkle, cut out, bake, roast, boil, fry, whisk, toast, deep fry, mix, beat, whip, stir, shake, add, melt, roll, scrape, wash, pour, empty, dry, fold, freeze, thaw/defrost, spread, tenderize, season, marinade, fill, skewer, cool, serve, shred, grate, microwave, blend, measure, squeeze, preheat, mash, stuff, drain, rinse, separate, remove, scramble, tear, open, cover, grease, & sauté, sift, drizzle, garnish & turn over. Plays sound so student can hear the question read to them.