Ending Sound Activities SCIENCE OF READING

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by Teaching Literacy

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 13,1

Description: Are you looking for fun and engaging FINAL ENDING SOUND activities for your students? This SCIENCE OF READING resource has 20 self-correcting task cards where students have to: * listen to an audio recording of a sound and choose a picture that ends with that sound (10 cards) * drag and drop the ending letter to each picture (5 cards with 3 pictures on each card; audio support included) * drag and drop the ending letter to make a word complete (5 cards; audio support included) What’s more, all of the cards are embedded with a button that reads the directions to students to foster independence! Final sounds include: /b/, /d/, /f/, /g/, /k/, /l/, /m/, /n/, /p/, /r/, /s/, /t/, /v/, /x/, /z/ Yours in Literacy, Sheila ☺