Idioms & Nonliteral Language - Set 2

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by Speech&SpecialNeedsSpot

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Subjects: sel,speech,specialed

Grades: 4,5,6,7,8

Description: This is Set Two of Idioms & Nonliteral Language. "Are you kidding me?"..."That blew my mind!"..."Don't say a word, promise?"..."What a drag"... Casual speech is full of idioms and nonliteral language use, and keeping up with all of these sayings is important for social language and conversational skills. This deck addresses the type of nonliteral language that kids and teens use frequently in day-to-day conversation, to help familiarize students with the types of nonliteral language that they are likely to hear when interacting with others. Students read a short passage to hear the phrase used in context, then look at multiple choice answers to decide what the phrase means. After identifying the meaning of the phrase receptively, students are asked to strengthen their understanding even further by generating their own statement with the target idiom or nonliteral language.