Vocational Skills - FLOWER SHOP

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by AUsome Adolescents

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Subjects: edtech,specialed

Grades: 3,4,5,6,7

Description: VOCATIONAL JOB SKILLS-- FLOWER SHOP Deck includes 5 Unique Jobs related to working at a FLORIST. Job 1: Assembling Flower Orders (with visual suppors) Job 2: Matching Order Tags with Compelted Bouquets (written + visual order) Job 3: Sorting Flowers by Type Job 4: Sorting Supplies by Type Job 5: Watering Flowers Deck includes: 1. Introduction slide --> choose correct shop to enter for work 2. OPTIONAL "Sign In" (name, date, time) 3. Job Choices (choice of 5 jobs) 4. Individual Jobs (5-6 slides per job) 5. OPTIONAL "Sign out" with end time