March POP! Articulation Game

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by Mrs. Pascucci

Price: 500 points or $5 USD

Subjects: speech

Grades: 13,1,2,3,4

Description: This is a game for 1-3 players/teams. How To Play: Practice all of the words using your good sound. When you’re ready, decide which pieces you will use: shamrocks, pots of gold, or basketballs. When it is your turn, pick a picture and say your word or use it in a sentence. Then place your game piece on the picture. Take turns until all players have placed all 10 of their pieces on the board. Players can put their pieces on the same picture as another player. When you are ready, hit SUBMIT to see how many pieces POP back off! The player who keeps the most pieces on the board wins! For extra repetitions, try to place the pieces that popped off back on the board until all of the pieces stay. There is an option for a rematch for each game board. Sounds Included: R- Initial, Blend, Vocalic L- Initial, Blend, Medial S- Initial, Blends, Medial, Final SH- Initial, Medial, Final CH- Initial, Medial, Final DG- Initial, Medial/Final Mixed TH (mixed voiced/voiceless)- Initial, Medial, Final K- Initial, Medial, Final G- Initial, Medial, Final Open-ended game play with no target sounds for mixed groups