Long Vowel E | Sounds + Words + Sentences | Long Vowel Teams E (EE, EA, E_E, E ...)

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 1,2,3,4

Description: Reading Comprehension and Decoding Long E Starting with the 11 different ways to spell the long e sound, this deck provides example words for each spelling letter-sound combination. In the next step, students match words with common long e spelling patterns to pictures. At the end of each set of words, students are presented with sentences containing those specific words and have to read and select the picture to match the sentence. This helps determine if students are decoding the long e words correctly if they are working on this task independently. The following common long e patterns that are focused on for word and sentence reading practice include: ee, ea, ey, y, and open vowel e. A total of 11 task cards decoding 3 long e words and 5 task cards on long e sentences are included.