Hi Bye Book Companion For Early Language

by rickiblock

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Subjects: speech,holiday

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: Hi & Bye is an adorable predictable story to use for introducing greetings & departures and early language actions and spatial concepts. This book companion is about a cute bear that says hi and bye to animals in the forest. Tie in any sound you are working on with this story. The pictures are moveble so animals can move next to bear to say "hi" and "bye." The answer is often on the next page - this gives child time to answer the question. It also works well with one to three-word phrases & WH questions. PROMPT therapists will love this book for the /ai/ diphthong. If child is working on vertical opening of mouth, saying ha for hi and ba for bye is a good target too. You can watch Hello Goodbye on Youtube by Read Aloud Books. This story targets: 1.Greetings & departures   2.Where animals live  3.Categories  4.  /ai/ sounds which starts in the vertical position and transitions to a horizontal position. There are many opportunities to repetitively model the /ai/ diphthong using mainly CV and CVC+ words. Diphthongs are 2 vowels produced in a sequence, /a/ + /i/ = /ai/.  The diphthong /ai/ requires the ability to produce back vowel vertically (degrees of opening and closing the mouth) with jaw control (/a/) plus sequencing lip retraction of a front vowel (/i/). (PROMPT Stage VI - Multiple Planes )