Fractions: Mixed Fraction Review (Simplify, Multiply, Add, Subtract)

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by MrsBBC

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Subjects: math

Grades: 4,5,6

Description: Students will practice four fraction skills in this fraction review deck. This deck was designed to correlate with 5th grade standards. Students will solve for one of the following: - Simplify the fraction (reduce the fraction to simplest form) - Add fractions with unlike denominators - Subtraction fractions with unlike numerators - Multiply a fraction by a fraction Students will fill in the answer by typing in the numerator and denominator. 5.NF.1 Add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators by replacing given fractions with equivalent fractions in such a way as to produce an equivalent sum or difference of fractions with like denominators. 5.NF.4 Apply and extend previous understandings of multiplication to multiply a fraction or whole number by a fraction.