Popcorn Sight Words

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by 2 Scoops of Kindergarten

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: Sight words are so important to reading not only because they are used so frequently, but also because many of them cannot easily be sounded out ... They are used so often it is important that readers be able to recognize these words on sight. The words in this game are; am, my, me, the, and, in is, for, of, are, at, as, he, she, his, with, here, they, I, is, it, on, no, yes, one, two, not, said, was, do, be, by, here, from, will, get, has, red, blue, see, love, like, look, up, down, help, come, want, where, what, small, all, big, would, could, how, here.